Custom lettering for a word map showing over 380 Aboriginal tribes and dialects in their respective locations.

Under direction from Mike Rossi.

A serif typeface of 8 styles in 4 weights. Completed while attending the Type and Media Masters program at the Royal Academy of Art in Den Haag, The Netherlands.

Available for licencing in 2014. Please email directly to be informed when this happens.

See more specimens here.

An ongoing project that overlaps cycling and design. The first design celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Tour de France, the second shows the oldest and most important 1 day races (monuments) and the last is for the Tour of Italy.

Lettering to commemorate a 50th wedding anniversary. Applications included etched glass, foiled leather, embroidery and printing.

Under direction from Ivana Martinovic.
Custom lettering for the merchandising of musician, Chet Faker.

Under direction from Christopher Doyle.

Holstee commissioned lettering for a set of four gift cards as part of their artist series. Words are taken from their manifesto. Two inks, printed by letterpress on 100% cotton rag stock.

Custom logotype for a high-end barber shop in Sydney.

Under direction from Ivana Martinovic
To celebrate the launch of a their new line of LEC printers, Roland DG held an exhibition at Lo-fi collective. Artists were asked to explore the new technology that makes it possible to print metallic or UV inks instantly. The lines are an abstraction of the alphabet. Limited edition of 2, printed A1.
Custom lettering for the 2012 Annual Report and meeting of the USGBC. The set of figures was designed to display the many statistics in the report.

Under direction from Polygraph Creative in Washington DC.
Custom Logotype for a Dutch biographer. Translates as 'Tell your life'.
Lettering commissioned by New York based creative, John J Custer for his portfolio website.
Custom logotype for, a customisable content management system for photographers and creatives.
A handful of monograms from past identity jobs.

A. 13th Floor Belvedere
Cocktail Bar in Baltimore.

B. H&H Service Advantage
Transmission Repairs, Nebraska.

C. Beelove
Honey Products, Australia.

D. Frank O'Neill
Locksmiths, Brisbane.
Calligraphy as part of the Desktop Wallpaper Project, available in all sizes.

Custom logotype.

Under direction from Rob Mason.
Sometimes it's best to use other people's type. An awareness poster using Calibre by Kris Sowersby.
Rotational ambigram intended to communicate the idea of equality by showing the same word changing depending on the perspective of the viewer. Designed for Eyesaw exhibition, held in Omnibus Lane as part of Sydney Design Festival.
Custom logotype for a start up aimed at beer enthusiasts.

Under direction from Sean Maisch.
A handful of select ideological posters made over the last 7 years.
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Contribution to an exhibition at The Distillery. Artists were asked to tell a story about a suburb of Sydney. The artwork is a poem written for this poster, which describes the true story of how Thornleigh got its name. Hand lettered and letterpress printed, 420 × 520mm, limited edition of 25. All proceeds went to The Starlight Children's Foundation.

The names of the last 40 people who followed the Foster Type twitter account until 1000 followers.

See them all here.
Joe was an Samoan-born type designer who lived and worked in New Zealand for much of his life. He was responsible for creating an unprecedented 600+ alphabets.
Lettering for online fashion retailer, The Dreslyn.

Under direction from Hugo & Marie.
Logotype for Singapore based, luxury property group, 135 Degrees.

Under direction from Mark Stott.
Contribution to an exhibition at Peer Gallery. Each artist was asked to take a unique view on the latin alphabet. Limited edition of 2, printed A0.
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